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I'm a serial creator, professional dot-connector and frequent flâneuse. After 25 years in K-12 education

I am currently consulting, creating, and curating in the fields of creativity, visual thinking, and digital literacies.


I help people think, learn, work, and live more creatively. 

speak internationally and design and facilitate learning experiences and spaces for the education and corporate sectors.  I authored Innovation-themed curricula for a global education start-up and am co-author of Intention: Critical Creativity in the Classroom (2017).


I'm well known for my distinctive graphic designs, remixes and digital media work. I'm a Fellow of the RSA, an Apple Teacher, and a Google Education Innovator. My tagline, “the cloud is our campfire”, alludes to my passion for networked knowledge and curiosity.


My work is informed by my love of seeing the beauty in the broken, the marvelous in the mundane, and the wow in the now. I believe all people are creative, and that the more we understand how creativity works the more we can hone our creative thinking skills so that we may be more innovative in our work and lead more fulfilling lives.

I believe creativity is a way of being, rather than equated with artistic talent.

I believe creativity has more to do with remix and dot-connecting than with originality.

I believe creativity and knowledge go hand in hand - we need dots in order to connect them.

I believe creativity is what makes us human, and rather than being frivolous it is the most essential skill of the future (and the past!).

I believe creativity can be learned and taught to an extent - if one is willing to take the time to unpack it and practice.

I believe creativity is cathartic - a true healing force.

I believe we can learn much from the creative processes of famous artists - many to be "porous, push past, and play".

With these beliefs my work has taken many directions and is ever-evolving. I'm a specialist in being a generalist. You can find out more about what I've done and what I'm currently making on this very site. Perhaps you would like to collaborate? I'm always looking for creative soulmates.

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