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Graphic Design




Graphic Facilitation


My hand drawn slide deck for my 

"Lessons from the Artists" TEDx talk

Hand Drawn stop-motion book trailer

Hand Drawn stop-motion book trailer

Animated original poem and winner

in a competition for the Learning and

Performance Institute, UK

Animated musical gif, original art

Voiceover Slide deck: Lessons from Warhol (original art)

History for Music Lovers Project

A fellow teacher (Herb Mahelona) and I started the "History for Music Lovers" project way back in 2009 when we were both teaching Humanities and I was going through cancer treatment. Writing the parody lyrics and recording the vocals was extremely cathartic for me, and we had so much fun creating the videos with Flash Animation, Adobe Premiere, and my wig collection. 

When we posted to a very young YouTube, we were shocked by the results - people from all over the world started writing us with thank yous and requests for interviews. Some videos even got translated by fans into multiple languages! You can find out more in our TEDx talk.

We appeared in everything from the New Yorker to Taiwanese TV.​  Maria Popova of the curation site Brainpickings commented on the series:

"A wonderful intersection of geekery, creativity

and quirk"

French  Revolution: over 2.5 million views

Henry VIII: over  2.9 million views

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