This was a really interesting challenge in the L and D community - do a little "raw" vlog each day for 30 days of May. I tried using Apple Clips, which is sometimes hilarious in its voice recognition fails. Overall it was a great chance for me to make analogies using my daily life.

Graphic Design

I've just created several designs for promotional materials for a string quartet.

At present I've been hired by the author of an educational book to develop a cover design.


Custom Artwork


I had so much fun with Danny's unconventional interview questions! We chat about creativity, of course!


In collaboration with Academic Tribe of Australia,

I plan to offer a few online course experiences as well as a master class.

Topics range from "Mobile Sapiens" (a fun experiment with photography and the environment using mobile devices), "Image is Everything" (exploring visual thinking strategies), and a deep dive into Creativity at work. I plan to be "high touch" with these first cohorts.

Online Courses

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Recent Artwork