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100 Days of Hashtaggerie


What could I do with 100 days of making?

So poses Elle Luna in her #100DayProject

Well, to be honest I’m a big proponent of making something everyday and often start my own little to-dos of creative habit/makery…things like my recent #oneword project, where I synthesize the essence of my day and get to practice metaphorical typography.

I really wanted to do something collaborative with the #100DayProject. So I reached out to Master of Whimsical Hashtags Dan Ryder aka @WickedDecent on Instagram and @WickedDecentLearning on Twitter. This guy is like the Robin Williams/Steve Martin/ Lewis Carroll of hashtagging. At #sxsw a month ago I suggested we make a game where he throws me a tag and I sketch it, and vice versa.

That’s what our #100DaysofHashtaggerie has turned out to be. We toyed with the name but I suggested making our own movement of sorts – “hashtaggerie” which sounds a bit whimsical and oddly French.

This week Dan has shot me one or more tags a day and I’ve attempted to sketch most of them. The key is not to think too hard – the interpretation should be spontaneous. This week we’ll switch roles and he’ll have to tag my random sketches. One of my goals with this is to see how far I can push myself thinking metaphorically with images. I’m going to try not to be too literal (although sometimes, like with #foppishlion, it’s tempting). For example, #promguts (I still have no clue what Dan was thinking)…I first thought of doing something gory, but then pondered who has “guts” (courage) at prom? Of course! Pretty in Pink! Love when Molly Ringwald says she’s going to show up so “they can know they didn’t break me”. Thank goodness for Ducky.

Here’s a look at the week:














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