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So excited to be starting my first MOOC through Coursera: E-Learning and Digital Cultures with the University of Edinburgh (Jan. 28, 2013)

I’ve signed up for all the platforms we’ll be using and found it interesting to discover the diverse group of people interested in this course here:

So far I seem to be the only one in Hawaii, as this handy map indicates.

The primary instructor is Jeremy Knox, who, by his website/blog, looks intriguing! I could spend all day on there – plus the fonts are to die for!

I’ve included a feature image of one of my favorite characters in literature and film : HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, which is highlighted in the promo video for the course. Overall I think this course will add to my Theory of Knowledge curriculum, as we deal quite a bit with how knowledge (and learning) is affected by technology. I’m hoping I’ll be a mini McLuhan in the months to follow, and am a tad nervous about keeping up with an already full plate – but there’s always room for dessert, if you are passionate enough!

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