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#blimage – 1 week anniversary


It’s been about a week since I was sitting delayed in Boston’s Logan airport and presented a cheeky challenge to Steve Wheeler – my compadre from across not one but TWO ponds ( aka @timbuckteeth).

I’m thoroughly delighted and amazed at how it’s taken on. The other day I decided to create a little animated film about it, using my sketches in Paper by 53 and the Reflector app (to record to my laptop)…then iMovie.

As I state in the film, I think the appeal of #blimage is part “creativity in constraint” and part “game”, (not to mention the fact that everyone needs a dose of healthy metaphorical thinking and we are a visual species)…but Steve explores other aspects in his post, such as the desire to connect and engage with your personal network.

For the week anniversary – blimaversary? I made this image to explain its brief history…it’s called “The -TIONS of #blimage


If Steve hadn’t acted upon my challenge and if Simon (@sensor63) hadn’t helped amplify it, it wouldn’t have died in its embryonic stages. Who knows how long it will continue? But I do think the collection of posts so far is outstanding: see them HERE. Thank you to everyone who played in the sandbox with us, and I hope you in turn inspire others to share their thinking through their posts.

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