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Creativity Tips Vlog Series: 1-10 #LDvid30

“Creativity Tips!”

Bet you didn’t see that coming. What I am trying to do is keep it raw, going with whatever I shoot in one take. I’m also trying to incorporate a visual in each episode and tap into metaphor a bit. Some topics are influenced by my previous work in this field, but others are totally spontaneous, relating to something going on at present.

As for the tech, I am experimenting with, which can result, I’ve discovered, in some pretty hilarious voice recognition snafus with the subtitles. But I’m just going with it. I tend not to like unpolished vids  – especially with talking heads- but I must admit I’m having fun doing these and learning a lot from others’ posts.


Organizing your Creativity: The Metaphorical Notebook

Collecting Dots and Shards

Clocking Creativity: A Creative Kick in the Pants

Leveraging Mortality: Make Something Good Every Day

The Perils of Freedom: Creative Constraints

Being a “Serial” Creator

Getting Unstuck with Cut-Up Poetry


The Ikea Effect and Meraki

Lessons from Lava

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