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Critical Creativity: Meaning Through Making (SXSWEdu proposal)

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 5.59.06 PM

I hope this works out, but two of my favourite creative compadres, Dan Ryder (@WickedDecent) and Sean Ziebarth (@MrZiebarth ) and I have gone in kahoots to propose an SXSWEdu workshop. Both gentlemen presented this past SXSWEdu and I gave an Ignite talk with EdTechWomen at SXSWEdu14. We wanted to do something that pooled our combined talents and love (ok obsession) for remix and creativity. Dan was brilliant enough to come up with the concept of “Critical Creativity”, and I think I coined “Meaning Through Making” (because everything is better when alliterated).

Here is our little film trailer:

The Panel Picker starts’s to hoping it’s a success…

#creativity #seanziebarth #edtechwomen #sxswedu #danryder #remix

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