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Crowdsourced Keynote: The Café, Studio , & the Stage

left bank learning

A while back, I wrote a brainstorm post about rethinking one’s course environment (be it digital, traditional, or blended): The Café, Studio , and Stage.

Over the summer I was asked by Edutopia, one of my favourite go-to education sites, to compose a blog post for them on the same topic. You can find “Left-Bank Learning: When “Work Time” becomes “Studio Time” here. (includes a handy-dandy list of 6 hyperlinked tips.

In December I’ll be kicking off CUE’s E-Learning Strategies Symposium (ESS) with a keynote entitled “The Cafe, the Studio and the Stage: Re-Imagining Spaces for Blended and Online Learning”.

cafetabletalk copy

I describe it as:

“It might sound like the Parisian Left Bank but it could be your course.  It’s time to re-imagine the environments in which our students learn, whether we teach in a traditional classroom setting, offer a hybrid course, or teach completely online.  One possible model is the “Café – Studio – Stage”, which facilitates distributed cognition, peeragogy, maker culture, and radical transparency. What are the essential elements of these “spaces”  – whether they be physical or virtual – and what tools are useful in managing student learning, production, and amplification of student work? The “Café” fosters community and is the hotbed for discussion of ideas, but can also include individual research and reflection, curation, and student-lead teaching. The “Studio” provides the “whitespace” for students to produce artifacts. The synchronous aspect of “studio time”, even in a purely digital realm, is characterized by a creative energy much like the classic artist studio. It is a time for brainstorming, prototyping, collaboration, and for formative feedback. Finally, the “Stage” constitutes  the various platforms available to share and showcase student work and learning with the goal being a sense of relevance via an authentic audience as a well as the obligation to contribute to socially-constructed knowledge”


Here’s where you come in…

I’d love to crowdsource some of the keynote, so I’d appreciate comments, quotes, video blogs (vlogs), and photographs or sketches from educators in all types of learning environments,

Please consider helping and of course you and your Twitter handle will be highlighted in the keynote.

Here is the doc and you may also email me your contributions at


Due Date: Nov. 1


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