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Get Your Creativity On: Summertime Learning with Amy and Academic Tribe

Very pleased to be designing a few online learning experiences in collaboration with the great folks at Academic Tribe. 

head to the LX Design site

The first is perfect for anyone wanting to explore their personal creativity, or test out ways to use photography and the smartphone with other learners. You need a mobile device with a camera, though I have a list of recommended apps you can play with for added effect. This is a 3 week course based around these themes:

  1. Wonder: the Wow in the Now

  2. Metaphor

  3. Perspective

  4. Play

  5. Remix and Re-contextualization

  6. Power / Message

  7. Story / Poignancy

For more information on how the course operates, as well as how to sign up CLICK HERE

Visual Literacy is an essential in the present media landscape. This course will help you to better understand as well as create and leverage visuals of all types for communication. If you are involved in learning in any sector this is a must! Themes include:

  1. iconography and metaphorical thinking

  2. pictograms, “Shortology”, emoji, meme stories, and gifs

  3. graphic design, graphic facilitation, infographics and sketchnotes

  4. photography, cinemagrams (moving photos)

  5. icon-based annotations and marginalia

  6. using images to leverage CVs, social media, and presentations

For more information on how this course works, and to sign up, CLICK HERE

Time to get high touch! Join me in three live sessions throughout July and self-paced work in between meetings. This is a deep-dive look in to what creativity is, how it works, and how to BE more creative in your personal life and at work. Perfect for everyone, really, but especially if you lead teams.

For more information and to sign up, CLICK HERE

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