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#girlgroupgraffiti : My New Women’s History Month Project

Just a quick post to prep for my new

March Women’s History Month project.

I’ve done a few in the past, including Greek black figure-style portraits of famous women (this is a selection but I did about 100…just haven’t organized them) and of course curating my Historyteachers relevant videos….

This year (March 2018) I’ve decided to practice my special hand-crafted font I call “1962”, which I create on my iPhone 6 with my finger in Paper by 53. I love 50’s-60-s girl groups – the Shangri-Las are a particular favourite – so I’m paying homage by picking out select lyrics from iconic songs and transcribing them with my typography. It’s a bit like my shards project.

I hope, by extracting and abstracting, that I give the lyrics new context and meaning. It’s odd how sad some of them are..and how much we (hopefully) have changed in our perspective since then – for example, obsessing about pleasing the “guy” and “going to the chapel”. And yet, of course – NOT. In any case I love these songs and the singers. I highlight the singers rather than the songwriters and lyricists in my sketches. Keep tabs on my Instagram, Twitter (both  @amyburvall )or Facebook with the tag


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