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Hashtaggery at #BLC16


“The Tag is the Soul of the Internet”

This summer at Alan November’s Building Learning Communities (BLC16) I launched a new presentation called “Hashtaggery”. I wanted to share more creative ways to use hashtags, rather than for mere searching and sharing.


How can we use them for

serendipitous creativity?

After some background into what folksonomy is and the history of the hashtag in social media (aka “octothorpe”), I delve into more whimsical uses, such as contextualizing metaphorical images, movement making, humorous “hack-a-tag” wordplay, and crowdsourced, collaborative creative projects.

There are also some suggestions as to how to incorporate hashtags in the overall structure of your course, including a “Twitter question of the week” and a “tag wall”.

Here’s the slide deck, but note that the videos are not enabled.

Hashtaggery BLC16 from Amy Burvall

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