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Intention: Critical Creativity in the Classroom at #ISABC

I just returned from one of my favourite towns on the planet – Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. Uncharacteristically, it snowed!

I was so giddy tidying up Friday’s presentation next to a roaring fire with a winter wonderland outside my window.

The presentation focused on integrating the new BC curriculum with my upcoming book with Dan Ryder (@wickeddecent).

The link also provided the 500 participants with access to Dan’s Instagram (where he posts a bevy of images of student work and process), my blog (with tons of creativity posts), and the pre-order form from Ed Tech Team Press.

I was able to do only a few interactive bits at the beginning given my hour timeline, but introduced the audience to a sampling of activities in our book, according to category. One of my favourite introduction activities gets people to think metaphorically, and I used a photo I took that very day!

The beginning of the deck delves into 3 of the “core competencies” of the BC curriculum, which I dubbed “coeur” competencies, since I think they should be at the “heart” of all learning.

They are

Critical Thinking



(I decided to make the icon for “Creativity” a scientist instead of the ubiquitous artist)

As you will noticed, the majority of our activities from the book are embedded with all three categories, as well as collaboration, metacognition, and design thinking.

Check it out for yourself at: http://www.slideshare.net/amyburvall/intention-critical-creativity-in-the-k12-classroom-isabc17

Dan and I are looking forward to the published book and doing extended hands-on workshops using all of the activities.

Here are some tweets from the day:

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