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Learning in 20 – Part II

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A few weeks ago I took up the challenge from the Learning and Performance Institute in the UK to make a video articulating the greatest changes in learning in the pst 20 years. You can read about my process (an animated poem) in my previous blogpost. I was thrilled and honoured to win the contest, but still had a few things left dangling from my notes.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 10.11.56 PM

So by the light of the newly erected Christmas tree I hashed out the remaining verses and got to illustrating each concept in Paper 53, mirrored to and recorded on the iPad with the Reflector app.

The verse: Learning’s the same, but what of school? Personalization is the rule. self-directed, anytime, anywhere… On a train or bus, in a classroom desk chair! Because geography might define us, but certainly does not confine us. Radical transparency – We learn from others and let others see what we’re doing – our makes and our fails… our products, and process, and reflective details. Whether virtual, blended or face to face, Mobile learning defies Time and Space. As we curate, bookmark and share, tweet and blog from our own “somewheres”… We remind ourselves knowledge isn’t in our heads – It lies in our connections instead.

Original poem and drawings by Amy Burvall – animated with Paper 53 and Reflector

Let me preface by saying that if you would like to try this process at home, it is a total labour of love – much time spent for a 20-50 second production. Still, I think microcontent is equally powerful, if not more so, than traditional media.

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