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Let’s Play DEAD


So here’s an idea. This would be great, I think, for students if you are an educator, but I plan to use it in my personal life as well, with my recent pet projects @Serendipidoodle and #threethirtysketchquote

We need the “white space” to be creative. Chris Long, who attended my keynote at California State University at Fullerton in May, called it “miracle grow” for creativity (Love!)

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 11.48.32 AM

So my suggestion, as we emerge into an increasingly visual society, is to offer something a bit like D.E.A.R. time (Drop Everything and Read)…and for want of a better acronym (and because I can be a bit dark) call it

D.E.A.D. (Drop Everything and Draw)

…or perhaps “Doodle” could replace “Draw”…I don’t know.

Interested to hear your thoughts and how to implement in the classroom or in your life. Perhaps, in the spirit of radical transparency, it could even be a hashtag so we can share our work. After having some Twitter convo, I think I’ve decided on…wait for it-


So, if you’d like to participate in the #showyourwork a la Austin Kleon vibe, please consider using #DEADstuff (which I predict will have more of an appeal to kids than adults) on Twitter, Instagram, or G+.


P.S. After posting on Twitter the fabulous @DCulberhouse alerted me to this great article:


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