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#Lifeinthehood: Digital Storytelling Project #3 for #etmooc

I decided to create a collage of a Little Red Riding Hood themed photo shoot I did with my daughter.

All photos were edited in

I wanted the series of images to hint at the story, and at the end throw in a twist (she’s wearing the wolf as a coat- a reference to the Roald Dahl poem)

A few weeks later, in the wood, I came across Miss Riding Hood. But what a change! No cloak of red, No silly hood upon her head. She said, “Hello, and do please note My lovely furry wolfskin coat.”

Finally, I needed more cheekiness – so I threw in a hashtag, playing on the urban/ hop-hop culture connotations of “hood”.


#digitalstorytelling #fairytale #photography #remix

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