• Amy Burvall

Literal Alphabet: Playing with Words and Images

Looking back on this year’s self-imposed creative projects (more like whimsies) I thought I’d better archive a few. The following is what I called my “Literal Alphabet” and it all started with David Bowie’s death. Hearing “Bowie” all the time, I began to see literal letter Es with bows on them! After that first doodle, I decided to challenge myself to do the entire alphabet. Some have turned out to be favourites, such as “Y-Knot” and “M-Bark”, and others are a bit of a stretch (R and V in particular). As usual, I went with my first attempt. It was a hoot playing with puns as well as metaphoric imagery. Perhaps the naughtiest is “High T”… Projects like this always get my mind open to thinking in different ways, and I think it might be an interesting exercise at a creativity workshop.


Queen B

C-Foam (seafoam)

D-Light (delight)

Bow-E (Bowie)

F-Fort (effort)

G-Purrs (jeepers!)


Eye-Scream (ice cream)



L-Fin (elfin)

M-Bark (embark)

N-V (envy)

O-No (oh no!)

P-Cock (peacock)

Curly Q

R-Sea (artsy)

S-Cape (escape)

High T (high tea)

U-Night (unite)

V-Jay (as in MTV vee-jay or video jockey)

Double You

X Lover (ex lover)

Y-Knot (why not?)

Z-Bra (zebra)

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