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Magellan Lyric Video Contest: Circumnavigation as Crowdsourcing


As part of the History for Music Lovers project, I wrote the lyrics to this song parody of The Kink’s “Come Dancin’ a while ago and the other half of Historyteachers, Herb Mahelona, recorded it. Originally I had wanted a student to animate it, or to try out Lego stop motion. But after putting that on hold for a while and viewing some cool lyric videos (Katy Perry’s “Birthday” in particular), I thought it might be nice to crowdsource submissions for each lyric line from students around the world (spirit of circumnavigation).

final logo

Step I: Listen to the Song and Read the Lyrics

Step II: Choose Your Lyric Line

Each video submission must be 1 line only, though you are welcome to submit more.

I will also need footage for the musical interludes…

Step III: Create Your Video

Be as creative as you like…just make sure all the lyrics are written out in some way, and they are clear to see

Check spelling – first version will be in English but I will take other languages so that we can have translated versions

Step IV: Export and Send

Please export in the highest quality possible and post to YouTube (be sure it’s public)

Let me know- send to or tweet to @amyburvall with #magellanvideo

Be sure to include,your name, age (if you desire), school and/or city/country. You can be as open as you feel comfortable, I just want to be able to give you credit.



What next?

I will choose my favourites and splice together in the final video with credit to you. You’ll get a special Thank You message and if I don’t use your footage it might appear in alternate videos!

Good luck and I am looking forward to checking out your creative submissions!

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