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The #globalthankswondercut project

If you were to write a love letter to the world what would it be?

A Crowdsourced Creativity Project

In the midst of this global pandemic and subsequent isolation, I think about my friends and acquaintances all over the globe...they are gazing at the same moon, after all. This brought me to putting out a creative challenge on social media - partially to get folks to stand still and bask in wonder...the utter loveliness of nature and even the unique facets of home. Here was the project launch:

Creative Challenges

Sometimes I'd find a great shot on an Instagram or Facebook post, and I'd straight up ask my friend for permission to use it in the "wondercut" video. But mostly, I enjoyed crafting daily challenges. I think it helped some folks get inspired to go out and about and take some photos or record clips.

Here were challenges in order, also inspired by my friends' posts:

by Brenda Ball, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

By Gemma Paterson, London, U.K.

By Cristina Veresan, Half Moon Bay, California

By Phil Stubbs, Seddon (Melbourne), Australia

By Nick Shackleton-Jones, Bracknell, U.K.

By Steve Somerset, London, U.K.

By Ewan McInstosh, Edinburgh, Scotland

By Karen Lirenman, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

By Martin Lewis, Schenefeld, Germany

By Kelly Tenkely, Denver, Colorado

By Lars Burwall, Stockholm, Sweden

In the end I gathered photographs and video clips from North America (including Mexico and Hawaii), Europe, the UK, Scandinavia, Africa, Asia, Australia, and (one!) the Middle East. There were 88 contributors, some with multiple submissions (you can find them in the credits).

I created a Google interactive MAP to really show how united we all are:

Without further it is!

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