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Mobile is Killer: Experiment in “AppSmash”

I’ve been wanting to try this for, like, MONTHS and finally did it today. It could be more polished (like if I wouldn’t have said both “fancy-dancy” AND “fancy-schmancy” in under 2 minutes), but as my kid says, “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”. By the way, I believe the term “appsmash” is derived from Mr. Greg Kulowiec (@gregkulowiec) of EdTechTeacher.

Process is as follows

1. Make lovely sketches in Paper app by Fifty-Three on the iPad (I use my signature colour palette and either 53’s Pencil stylus or my fingers to draw)

2. Export sketches to camera roll (I usually end up emailing to my laptop because I’d rather create a Keynote there)

3. Make an Apple Keynote presentation and use Magic Move to animate. This slide animation series was part of my #mobilesapiens keynote talk ….I simply copied all the slides I needed for this film and put them in a separate presentation. The way Magic Move works is you duplicate a slide, then move elements slightly, – like stop-motion.

4. Export as a Quicktime movie

5. Import the Quicktime into iMovie

6. Plug in my Blue Snowball mic and do a voiceover (this is where I wish I would’ve practiced a bit more or had a brief script). I don’t like the new iMovie, but I must say doing the voiceover was a breeze.

7. Attach some background music from iTunes. (at this point you could upload to YouTube and use the editor there to affix some instrumental Creative Commons music, as they offer an extensive library.

I could see this being something my students would enjoy-particularly those who love to hand-draw and sketchnote. There’s a cut out background feature in Keynote which would be cool to use as well.


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