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#rawthought a Henry Miller 2015


The other day was Henry Miller’s birthday, so I did my usual #threethirtysketchquote and drew him to post on my various social media accounts (it’s very therapeutic). These were the ones I chose…


Great quotes, but come New Year’s Day I was perusing the Internet for some quotes on creativity (for yet another project) and lo and behold I chanced upon this nugget:

“Paint what you want and die happy”

I decided immediately that could apply to so many things in life, and I’d have to adopt it as my motto for 2015.

That means I can start to think about:

Eating what I want / Making what I want / Drawing how I like / Dressing how I want / Spending time on and with whom I like…

Now that might come off sounding a bit selfish, but it doesn’t have to be. When I’m happy and creatively and intellectually fulfilled I’m a much better person…there’s more of me to give and I give it freely.

I can create the things / live the way I like without compromise (ok- there will always be SOME compromise, after all we must stay generally safe, nice, and legal)…and in the end “die happy”

It’s been about 10 years since I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer.

That experience taught me a few things:

1. you can sweat the small stuff all you like but in the end it will never be as awful as cancer and cancer treatment

2. life’s too short to be with people who don’t like you

3. try to add beauty to the world – make something – leave a legacy

4. stay funny – (my favourite Napoleon quote: “we must laugh at man to avoid crying for him”)

5. don’t save your best clothes for special occasions (or your best wine!)…and why not start the day with dessert?

Given all that, I think Mr. Miller’s advice fits right in with my weltanschauung – and I’m going to start living it now.

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