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#rawthought: Just An Idea


On the plane ride back from attending Mozfest in London so many thoughts were swimming in my head but I was in the midst of changing careers, strangely enough, and needless to say had no time (or so I thought) to devote to a well-composed blog post.

After a few weeks’ time it’s occurred to me that I can perhaps create a new category on this blog space where I can just throw down a “quick and dirty” question or musing, relatively brief and unrefined – “raw”, as it were.

So, after bantering about with some interesting and quite silly nomenclature I decided upon


Some of my #rawthoughts might be challenges, so I might create a tag for you to use in Twitter or Instagram or perhaps a survey with “social voting” on

Just want to give a shout out to @Braddo for helping me decide the name and inspiring me with his QQ (Quick Questions), as well as another master of the short but meaty post, @timbuckteeth.

The first #rawthought is really a short request – I need as many photos of “studio” spaces as possible – yes, even the messiest ones – by Nov. 26. Please snap and tag #showyourstudio. Dance, music, art, design, whatever – it does not even have to be a traditional physical space, if you know what I mean. It’s for a keynote I’m doing soon and I’d very much appreciate a peak into your world…


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