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#rawthought: Mind Peeks/Peaks


Started thinking about this play on words when I was reposting a Stephen Downes piece earlier. I think we “peek” into others’ minds as we experience (note not just read) content they share. Sometimes that causes little peaks or spikes of thought and creativity in our mind…Perhaps the “peak” can also be a wonder or an idea you have that might challenge the one from the author.

I think this might be a great reflective “exit ticket” exercise at a meeting or in a class of students. It could be done daily or even weekly. I might even make a newsletter a la Doug Belshaw with it! Ask participants what they’ve curated and how would they contextualize it…who ignited some intellectual activity and why?

When we share feely online and contribute to the conversation in the ether (like my tagline, “the cloud is our campfire”), we offer a little piece of ourselves to fellow learners. I’m thankful for that, and now I’m going to go peek into some other minds…

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