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#rawthought: VizVoVolley

I am in the process of archiving some hand-drawn iconography I created for some recent slide decks.  I store these (when I can remember) to a Tumblr called Myconography and try to tag it with the literal definition as well as the metaphor I used it to represent.







Possibilities; Potential, Wabi-Sabi


Progress, Path, Journey

In my Visual Thinking workshop called Image is Everything, I do an exercise where people are asked to quickly draw their go-to representations of basic nouns (both concrete and abstract). For example, with the key word “travel”, some did airplanes or trains and others did suitcases, globes or GPS symbols. This is a common practice with most sketchnoters, as it is beneficial to have some sort of idea on which to fall back on as you speedily try to articulate your ideas in doodles.


Since I’m a big believer in combinatorial and crowdsourced creativity, I thought it would be fun to do this online as a challenge of sorts. I did something similar with @serendipidoodle but the challenges were more whimsical since I used a bot to randomize an adjective and noun (on a side note, I really need to resurrect this project).

What if…

I started a hashtag on Twitter and Instagram called “VizVoVolley” and people interested in sketch-noting from around the world could play? I’d throw out a noun and people would respond with an image – their go-to depiction of that idea.

Because I have no fear and don’t really mind if it doesn’t take off I will try it for the next few weeks.

I’d love to have you contribute by: 

a. responding with a sketch

b. sharing it out

c. asking students to get involved

d. suggesting words to sketch for the vocabulary


(this is my go-to icon to represent crowdsourced creativity, because it’s like the ideas grow and become more beautiful when we collaborate)

*I will try to post one every Sunday 


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