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Spring into Spring

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 11.12.39 AM

At breakfast I whipped together this little stopmotion animation for the first day of spring. I used Paper 53 on my iPhone and drew 3 trees, then made 4 separate illustrations of dots with the halo effect (watercolour brush). I simply emailed all to myself and threw them into Apple Keynote, where I could take out the background and layer the trees.

Making a stopmotion is really just a matter of duplicating slides and adding a little as you go. For the pulsating effect, I duplicated a slide, then changed the size of some of the blossoms. I then kept replicating those two slides for a about 5 rounds.

The final step is exporting to Quicktime, importing to iMovie, and speeding up slightly (I used 2X). In my head I was singing “I love Paris in the springtime”, so I promptly added some Maurice Chevalier.

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