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#twisted pairs: pedagogy from the unlikely

madonnaScreen Shot 2015-10-25 at 9.07.06 AM

A while back the ever engaging Mr. Steve Wheeler (@timbuckteeth) proposed yet another whimsical blogging challenge. As you recall, we started doing #blimage a while back with a volley of images (mine were sketches).

This time, it’s called #twistedpairs and you can read about it and view others ON STEVE’S BLOG

I’ve been thinking a lot about blogs lately. I certainly think they are wonderful, and a great testament to how participatory culture has democratized media / publishing.

But to be honest I have always loved VLOGS, or video blogs – especially from students – since it’s a medium I prefer and I can see their emotion through paralinguistic cues such as body language, gaze, and pitch. If you are interested, I have an entire keynote / workshop on vlogging with lots of great exemplars.

I personally wanted to try something different for this blogging challenge. I knew it would have to involve my sketches in Paper by 53 in some way. Since we were talking about “pairs” of people, I imagined a conversation of sorts. I thought it would be simple yet effective to create a little stop motion animation (really more of a video version of a slideshow in this case) using my drawings from the Paper app and Apple Keynote, which has the ability to export to Quicktime as a self-playing video.

By switching up the expository to an imaginary  “conversation” I had a bit more fun and – as you can see- was able to incorporate a bit of my irreverent humour.

I have a host of “twisted pairs” who have influenced my teaching (and learning!) greatly, but I think I will produce 3 videos only. So far I have done two:

Marshall McLuhan Meets Madonna


The Beatles Meet Alfred Hitchcock

note that I snuck Picasso in there!

Billie Holiday and Leonardo da Vinci

Thank you Steve Wheeler, for being a constant inspiration!

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