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Visual Verse Volley


Starting a new project…something for Sundays!

I love having something consistent to do…some creative challenge that has a designated time slot but is not too overwhelming (in other words, has a low barrier of entry). My most recent has been my “Friday Five” reflections, but I was craving something collaborative.

My gal pal Erin Olson (@eolsonteacher ) and I don’t meet face to face often (only twice actually at Alan November’s BLC Conference in Boston), but she and I are “sympatico” in our love of poetry and art and the whimsical creative spirit in general.  I suggested we do something along the lines of a volley – whereby each Sunday she shoots me one of her poetic verses on Twitter and I illustrate it. We might switch roles, too! As usual, I plan to go with my gut reaction and not overthink my drawing.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.35.40 PM

This was her first one, to which I replied:


I think it has a sort of Disney  in the 1950’s illustrative feel. Excited to see where her words push my stylus to dance (I’m already using different colours and brushes)! If anyone would like to join in, the hashtag is #visualverse 

We will be posting Sundays to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and our new Tumblr:

#art #collaboration #visualverse #creativity #erinolson #poetry #combinatorialcreativity #amyburvall #visualthinking

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