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#visualversevolley: Sinking in Ideas

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 4.55.11 PM

I love my #visualversevolley project with Erin Olson (@eolsonteacher)…love her creativity and how it makes me think. My goal with this project is to challenge myself to manifest what first comes to mind – to pay heed to the gut reaction I get when I first read her verse, sent to me every Sunday.

Sometimes I do a quick sketch, other times something more elaborate, like an animation.  This week I suddenly envisioned something that had to move – a sea! I used Paper 53 to draw on my iPhone, then built the animation in Apple keynote. After exporting to Quicktime, I plopped into iMovie to speed up slightly and smooth out (plus added some ambient sound).

#collaboration #visualverse #creativity #erinolson #paper53 #animation #amyburvall

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