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Creative Cultures

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Dada / Surrealism

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I have experience in all formats of speaking live - from one hour keynotes to 5 minute Ignites to 18 minute TED-style talks. I can also provide virtual keynotes, book studies, and interviews (audio and video). Find out more on my Speaking page.

I also love doing Voice Acting and can do voiceovers for explainer videos, audio books, and animations.

Facilitation / Coaching

My absolute favourite way to work with people is in an intensive, hands-on, experiential and multi-modal learning experience such as a workshop, deep dive or master class. I prefer live, but am happy to offer virtual / webinar / MOOC-type facilitation. People who have participated in my professional development have said it is truly transformative. Find out more on my Speaking page.  

Bespoke Consultancy

I have been called an "Ideasmith" and an "Organizational Muse". I adore working intimately with organizations and educational institutions so that I may address their unique needs. I'm good at seeing the "big picture" and breaking things down into a "do-able" action plan. I also love culture building, and can help with fostering a creative and collaborative culture. I work with leaders to develop systemic strategies and structures. You may wish to develop a custom "____in Residence" title and set up a long-term consultancy.

Experience Design / Conferences

I can help make your conference or professional development day an unconventional, collaborative, and creative extravaganza. I'll work with you to plan digital and analogue experiences that will engage participants in unexpected ways as they tap into their creativity, metacognition and visual thinking. Read about one of my events.

Graphic Design / Iconography

I draw every day. Using both digital and analogue tools / mediums my graphic design has a distinct bold, minimalist look that is perfect for use in websites, blogs, slide decks, and social media promotional materials. I create my own typography as well, and often play with remixing and re-contextualization (see my Designing page)

I've designed custom iconography, book covers, slide decks, animations, and logos for clients.

Art and Photography

I've done professional portraiture, promotional event photography, and whilst teaching designed the school Yearbook and ran the photography club and shows. Lately my photographic work has been mostly travel-based and thematic. 

My artwork varies from Dada-esque remixes and other whimsical delights to minimalist metaphorical iconography. I dabble in digital and analog and use a variety of mediums, including cut-up poetry, painting, pastels, collage, and stop-motion animation. I can design according to your specifications or after careful consultation, help you decide what direction we should go with your art.


I've written books, curriculum, scripts, articles, poetry, song lyrics and white papers. I can assist with editing and design to make your writing look more polished and come alive. I love to coin words and sound bites and often make use of rhyme and alliteration. My specialty is brevity and a certain "stickiness" of language. I can help you translate a more narrative form of writing (such as a white paper) into a more episodic slide deck or help you collate multiple pieces of writing into a cohesive theme (such as blog posts into a book).

No Size Fits All! Custom Work

Found a service that is perfect for you and your team? If not, I can work with you to craft something special that is unique to your needs. Let's set up a call and get started!

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K-12 Education

Higher Education



Leadership Teams


Conference Leads

Universal Design for Learning

Second Language Learning

Anyone interested in Creativity

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